The Ups, Downs and In-betweens of ……..

This is a blog written by a variety of people living and parenting in Gloucestershire today and sharing the ups downs and in-betweens of real family life.


……. a mum winging it.


im-only-sleepingSleep. It must be over rated I’m sure. But I would still like to become reacquainted with it at some point before my early mid life crisis hits!

My son is not feeling the love for sleep at the moment. I do understand, when the world is shiny and new and there are so many things you want to be doing; including learning to walk and talk, you don’t really have time to flick the off switch.

My understanding of his need to remain on high alert at 11pm does not mean that I maintain the same level of alertness at an hour way past his bedtime.
I would really like to be reclaiming this time to relax and maybe have an adult conversation with my husband, again, over rated I’m sure!

The most difficult thing with a toddler is the constant changing of the goal posts. One week O will happily nod off to sleep at a reasonable hour but then wake up several times through the night. The following week nodding off to sleep is a ridiculous idea and we have to resort to taking him out in the car to lull him to sleep. Yes, I realise that this is not within the official guidelines for getting a 16month old to sleep; I’m supposed to put him in his cot and walk away while he wails like a banshee. I am just not able to deal emotionally with the state he gets himself into.

The bath, story, bottle routine with some tooth brushing shoe horned in, just doesn’t cut it.  Toys have been cleared away from his room so there is no unnecessary stimulus and a soothing low light provides a calming atmosphere. But still the only ones nodding off are the exhausted parents.

I am constantly in awe of how despite the lack of sleep he is back up in the morning with the energy levels of a Duracell bunny (other bunnies are available) laughing like a hyena at his favourite toy. Whilst I am left cowering in the corner relying on the restorative powers of coffee to make it through the day.

I am lucky to be able to work part time, but I have to admit my heart sinks a little when arriving home after a 14hour shift to find my chirpy son still wide awake. The thought of having to drive him around to sleep while I’m already exhausted from work is not a happy one.

The Health Visitor has reassured me this is just a phase, but it seems to be a blooming long one. Armed with some of her tips, things have improved and the middle of the night is starting to become less of a weepy battleground.

In the meantime, I am clinging onto the hope that this phase completely phases itself out soon.


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