Welcome to Parenthood

The Ups, Downs and In-betweens of ……..

This is a blog written by a variety of people living and parenting in Gloucestershire today and sharing the ups downs and in-betweens of real family life.

 ……. a mum winging it.

welcome-1420815.jpgI was reflecting the other day on how much life has changed since becoming a parent. Not that I begrudge this change, but wow, nothing prepares you for how different it is.

The change is outweighed by how incredibly rewarding it is, especially if like us you have watched a tiddly, vulnerable prem baby blossom into a robust toddler with a death stare that would sour milk!

As I quietly attempt to tap this out, said toddler is brandishing a baby wipe and slamming a chunky fist down on the keyboard.

A moment of peace is definitely hard to come by, spontaneous road trips are a thing of the past and I dare you to attempt to eat or drink anything without a small person demanding in on the picnic.

The closest I have got to a cinema in the last 18months is eating popcorn out of a packet after a food shop.

Friday nights used to involve rowdy nights on the town with too many cocktails, now they often involve a self imposed 9pm curfew.

Everyday involves changing goals and the goal posts seem to be moved on a daily basis.

Today has been a reasonable day thus far, nappies have been changed with little resistance, the same goes for teeth brushing and application of creams for eczema.

The latest favourite book has been read four times, breakfast was picked at but hey, you can’t have it all.

While the going was good I foolishly attempted to wash my hair. Big mistake. Within two minutes I had a small human banging down the door and wailing like the end of the world has just been announced. How dare I abandon him to tend to my own needs.

When my dentist points out I have been grinding my teeth again I feel like saying, ‘Yes, that’s what happens when your life revolves around a slightly enraged mini person’.

To be fair to him, O is a very well behaved boy for the majority of the time and a lot of his relatively small tantrums result because he is in pain from teething or tired.

ice-cream-vs-ali-1416203.jpgDespite the inevitable changes to life that come with the arrival of a child the joy they bring is unparalleled. Bringing O home from hospital after two weeks in Neonatal left us grinning from ear to ear, his first word is something I will never forget and his hard fought for  first steps prompted a video that was probably seen by half the population of the county.

He is entertaining, generous and good natured. He waves at random old people, he loves animals (even when they don’t love him) and he dances without any inhibitions.

He reminds me how to embrace life and the simple rewards that loving a brand new little person can bring.

He is exhausting and wonderful and I wouldn’t change it for the world.



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