Grandparents …a different breed?!

The Ups, Downs and In-betweens of “Mum  – Who Me?”

mud-1464412This weekend we stayed at my Dad and Stepmum’s house. We were there on our own for a couple of days and then they came back and we had a night and day with them. On Sunday afternoon Grampy took K out on his own for a couple of hours. This has never been done before and I think everyone was a bit nervous!
My Dad is very good with small people though and K came back having had a fabulous time. The best bit? Grampy let him do everything Mummy wouldn’t let him do! He came back filthy and wet and covered in sand and with a range of beach inspired memorabilia which would never normally be allowed in the house, starving hungry and a massive grin on his face. He was allowed to climb rocks, dive in wet sand and play football in his wellies. K now thinks Grampy is one step down from the archangel Gabriel.
generations-1542743-1599x1080I am left feeling perplexed at the complete transformation that takes place when a parent becomes a grandparent. Perfectly sane sensible people who brought us up to be clean, tidy, respectable and well behaved citizens suddenly morph into complete softies who contradict anything you do as a parent and teach your children all the things you’d rather they didn’t know.
My son can drum several tunes on the dining room table during mealtimes as taught by his Nana and has eaten many a pudding without finishing his dinner because Grandad said it was alright!! In short the grandkids love ’em and we are back to being driven dotty by our parents…somethings never change.


This is a blog written by a variety of people living and parenting in Gloucestershire today and sharing the ups downs and in-betweens of real family life.


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