About Me


Julie Cresswell – A little bit about me

2aeditedI have always loved working with people and I have been fortunate to spend my career so far doing this in a variety of situations and contexts including, more recently, coaching.

I am passionate about seeing people fulfil their potential.  I was a teacher for over 15 years and for a large proportion of this time I specialised in working with children with behaviour problems and at risk of exclusion.  My husband and I were foster carers for over 7 years.  In these roles I have experienced the value of having time and space to talk and reflect upon my work and parenting.  This has enabled me to be clear about my goals, to consider ways to best achieve these and to gain confidence to work towards these.  It has also been fantastic in the times when I have found myself going round in circles and needing a helping hand to see a way forward.

I first heard about coaching a few years ago. As I have seen coaching in action, experienced it personally and coached others I love seeing what a positive and powerful process it is.   Time after time I have seen the process enable the client to unlock ideas, focus and generate the confidence and decide how to move forward.

The aspect of coaching that I really love is that it is about finding your own answers and way forward (possibly because I like to work things out for myself rather than be told what to do too!) A good coach is able to work in partnership to draw the best out of you and enable you to identify blindspots and ideas you hadn’t even considered before.

I am a mum of two young children.  In addition to my coaching qualification I have a history degree, a teaching qualification and a level 3 NVQ in counselling skills and studies.  I am also an associate member of the Association of Coaching and the Coaching Academy.