Is Parent Coaching For Me?

Coaching is a great tool.  Like any tool it needs to be used in the right way at the right time.  There are so many great tools and resources out there to help a person move forward it can be difficult to choose.


This is why I offer free group taster sessions. (Also I hate selling. I believe that a person experiencing a flavour of coaching will soon know whether or not it is the right tool for them).

Are you someone who

  • ticked-checkbox-1245057Spends time thinking and reflecting on how you parent and what works for your child?
  • Is proactive and positive?
  • Recognises that small changes can have a significant impact?
  • Is open to learning, fresh ideas and enjoys challenge?
  • Likes to problem solve and find your own solutions


Then coaching could be great for you


Coaching is not for you if you are looking for:

  • x-in-checkbox-1245025Teaching about the how to parent
  • A “magic wand” or easy answers
  • Support to resolve past issues and trauma in order to move forward


If you are interested in details of the free tasters I offer or would like to know more about coaching then please get in touch or complete the form below