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This is the story of a couple who came for 5 coaching sessions over 8 months:

“It is hard to believe that we are now in September and looking back we really did not know how we were going to cope with health, building and family issues.

January was our first session with you, we had what we thought, were a lot of issues. House extension/renovation, our youngest son’s health and behaviour and issues with our 3 other children, trying to get them to help more around the house and understand our opinions.

Before our first session, we would never have believed we could manage all of this but we did. From our first session to our last one in September, you have giving us the ability to manage our issues, have ways to overcome them and think them through. We have been able to put ourselves first now and again and have quality time together.

Having time together never entered our minds, as we were apprehensive when it came to others caring for any of our children, especially our youngest. Well we have had a couple of nights away since January and had our children cared for, it was quality time together and something that was deserved and allowed us to talk and recharge our batteries. In your sessions you helped us overcome our stresses, looking into the future and seeing that for an example the building work will finish and we will have a lovely home and more importantly you made us speak to each other, understand and work together on priorities and goals, which have made us stronger and got us through some very difficult and low points over the last year or so. You also made us feel important and made us understand our need to look after ourselves, ensuring we set and achieved goals for ourselves as individuals and as a couple.

 Family issues were discussed and put into perspective, with a game plan set to achieve ways to spend more time with our children and deal with some of their issues.

 It is amazing how this has all come together, bit by bit but we are seeing a massive difference to how we function and as a family deal with difficult situations. You have allowed us to see things differently. Looking beyond an issue and giving us the tools and confidence to tackle them. Having things booked in the future, things to look forward to, surprises, for all the family.

 We can’t thank you enough and feel like a more functional, happy family.”

These are some of my other clients’ experiences of working with me and how coaching has benefitted them:

“It was a great opportunity I received from Julie to help to overcome my own boundaries. I learned a method through the process what I can use any time in the future to solve my problems, and it helped me to gain more confidence in my parenting. Julie has helped me to identify problems by questioning me.  She  helped me to collect a pool of possible solutions using my answers, and by giving it a clear structure, she helped me to build a strategy. She guided me through the whole process in an assertive but sensitive way.

Every single parenting issue was resolved after the coaching sessions with Julie. And what particularly helped me to gain confidence and felt empowering was what Julie often emphasised, that each solution came from me, not one of them was suggested by her. ”

EL  Stroud


“Julie helped me get clarity on what my priorities should be and helped to direct my focus.  She always pushed me to have practical goals that were realistic and achievable.  When I felt powerless about a particular situation she helped me realise that I did have options that I had not thought of before.  This gave me a sense of peace about it and a sense of control.”

DG   Gloucester


“The coaching sessions with Julie have been an invaluable experience.  They have enabled me to identify my next steps in life and my ultimate goals.  Before the coaching I was feeling confused about my future and lacked the self confidence to move forward.  Julie helped me to unravel my thoughts and ideas, obstacles and outcomes.  I am now more clear about the steps I need to take in order to reach my ultimate goals.”

KC  Gloucester


“Julie is always positive, kind, thoughtful and reflective, but also challenging when she needs to be.  She asks perceptive questions, is good at keeping me on track and has also uncovered a few blind spots in my thinking! I always come away from the sessions inspired and motivated.  I would have no hesitation in recommending her as a coach.”

RD Bristol


“The sessions have helped me to recognise what I needed to do to start narrowing down some of my options and gave me courage to investigate areas that I might have otherwise dismissed.”

HF  Gloucester


“Julie has provided me with nothing but first-class sessions.  She is a non-judgemental person who has great listening skills who can retain my information and is able to focus on the important things to me and she has empowered me to proceed forward and realise that you have to just go for things.”

HT Gloucester


“I felt empowered by coaching.  It gave me the confidence to make some changes and do further training.  I have been able to narrow down what I want to do with my future and I have greater clarity on what I need to do to achieve my goals.”

SW Cheltenham


” I found Julie’s coaching very helpful.  Each session built on the last one helping me to assess problems and look for solutions.  Julie always listened to me, gave me confidence and helped me to reflect on the issues I had.  I was very appreciative of her help.”

AP  Forest of Dean

Copy of Client's Story.png