Types of Coaching


I offer coaching in a variety of formats:

  • 1:1
  • Couples
  • Workshops
  • E-coaching

Each type has different benefits according to client circumstances and the purpose of the coaching.  Below is a brief overview – follow the links for further information


This is a highly efficient route to effecting change.  1:1 sessions usually last between 45 and 55 minutes and are entirely bespoke to the topic and focus of the client.  This means that my full attention as a coach is upon you, honing your goals, reflecting back your communication and identifying your resources and ways forward.  This is a focused and personalised approach that enables the client to identify obstacles and move forward effectively.


As with 1:1 a couples session can be a great way to focus and effect change.  In order to allow both parts adequate time and space to focus these sessions are up to  1.5 hours long.  These are also bespoke to the couple’s goal and circumstances


together-1313492These are a great way to realise that there are others facing similar challenges.  Whilst the attention of the coach is shared workshops enable interaction with other clients and a more sociable opportunity to explore challenges.  They may be accompanied by a personalised e-mail where appropriate.  Whilst they are focused around a theme rather than bespoke to a client they offers an experience of coaching and provide a steady route to change that is affordable and sociable.

For further information  https://optimum-coaching.co.uk/workshops/


This offers a flavour of coaching via e-mail conversation.  For those who are highly motivated and would just like a brief interaction and a nudge in the right direction this can be a useful and cost effective tool.

For further information  https://optimum-coaching.co.uk/e-coaching/